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The Annex 36 has promised to the IEA ECBCS as deliveries the reports of Subtask A (State of the Art Overview and Retrofitting Measure Report), Subtask B (Case Study Reports), Subtask C (Energy Audit Report and Simulation Tool Report). These reports will be listed with the address to order them at publications. Additionally Subtask B produces besides the international website several articles and newsletter. (See publications, too).

Yet the development of a software tool, the
Energy Concept Adviser , is regarded as the main result of Annex 36. It shall be used by decision makers in administrations. With the help of the internet based, intuively usable computer program energy-efficient retrofit shall be promoted, occuring retrofit-related problems in schools and other educational buildings solved and a better reliabilty on design and costs in the early planning state shall be possible. The Energy Concept Adviser can be started by clicking on the lower button. It will open in another window!

The Energy Concept Adviser exists of the following interrelated parts:


Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics